First Light Image began as an idea born from a love and deep appreciation of photography.

As photographers to produce not just the highest quality images but the most authentic, most inspiring, FLI places focus on the creative process and being open to possibilities. There is over 10 years professional experience and a background in fine art driving every project to completion.

The aim is to make your First Light experience as much a memory and inspiration as the images it creates. With creative collaboration in mind FLI looks to channel and build on abstract, conceptual or straight forward projects. Every approach is to be as unique as the client and their needs. We can’t wait to work with you!

As lovers of the medium and the art form that photography is, we are also striving to connect the work of local and regional fine art photographers to an expansive  audience.  Please come visit First Light Gallery!

We are also proud members of the Louisville Independent Business Alliance, Fair Event Vendors Alliance, and LOOK Art Gallery Guide. Please visit their respective sites and see the good work they’re doing here in the Louisville community.

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